Vwani Roychowdhury

Mining the connections between engineering, physics, biology, and society

using computational and information science

to shape our future

From the way we design quantum computers, to the size of our cell phones, to how we care for our children, the most exciting advances in our world emerge from the dynamic union of diverse bodies of knowledge, as captured through a common and interacting set of computational principles. These advances are both described by and enabled through the work I do to create interdisciplinary models of our reality.

My work has always tapped the energy generated by the intersection of diverse fields, both describing their synergy and catalyzing their transformation. 

Indeed, in my view, every discipline is an information processing and computing system, driven by a succinct set of universal laws.

Hence, if one uses mathematical models to describe the foundations of different fields, the models can refine and inform one another.  As models cultivate understanding of each discipline, they also create the ability to direct the discipline’s growth.


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