Stochastic Modeling of a Serial Killer

"Researchers have discovered that the seemingly erratic behavior of the "Rostov Ripper," a prolific serial killer active in the 1980s, conformed to the same mathematical pattern obeyed by earthquakes, avalanches, stock market crashes and many other sporadic events."

"The implications of the study could give police insight into a killer’s habits and mind from this point forward."

"...[T]here must be a threshold - that is, when a certain number of neurons fire, the serial killer becomes driven by an overwhelming urge to kill."

"The [...] outcome suggests that there was an underlying natural process driving the serial killer's behavior."

"Simkin and Roychowdhury hypothesize that it's the same type of effect that has also been found to cause epileptics to have seizures."

"The research [...] seems to offer the possibility that police could be 'ready' when other killers are driven to strike."

"Researchers [...] found that behavior of murderers may adhere to a pretty strict mathematical formula."

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